Expert pruning of big coniferous  and deciduous trees, thoroughly thought over and professionally acceptable reducing of canopies, removing dry and / or hazardous branches and limbs. All work is done using rope technique. If necessary, we use rigging  techniques to lower large branches, limbs or trunks to the ground.

Removal of hazardous trees

Professional removal of trees in poor condition that present a hazard to human life or assets in residential areas. All work is done using rope and rigging techniques.

Canopy bracing systems

Primarily used in the case of large and old trees. The modern cable bracing systems prevent heavy branches and limbs from breaking off or cracking apart. All work is done using rope technique.

Trimming hedges

We trim, shape and cut hedges to make them stylish and healthy.

If required, we also chip and haul off green waste. 

Field inspection absolutely free of charge.