"Dzsindzsa Nindzsa is a young and intelligent team with great expertise in the field of rope technique, arboriculture and garden-management. Their prices are reasonable and they organise and complete the jobs quickly and to very high standards. They also clean up very thoroughly after themselves. I was absolutely satisfied with the way they did their job in the gardens of my weekend cottage and in our block of flats too.  Due to the above, I can highly recommend them to anyone wanting a quick and excellent job done in their gardens."


" Even the name itself is brilliant: Dzsindzsa Nindzsa. The team indeed do their job with great expertise, care and conscience - just like ninjas do. In our case, they were asked to remove a huge poplar in a narrow street, surrounded by houses and right next to electrical cables - which is a challenge.  They however managed to do this task in an absolutely safe and professional way. Big thanks to them! We do recommend them from the bottom of our hearts."


"I do recommend the Dzsindzsa Nindzsa team to all with absolute sincerity. They have saved our beautiful, great tree that had split in two with the utmost care, readiness and professionalism. It was a pleasure to watch them doing their job. I am sure I can count on them if any other tree-related challenge comes up."