Víg Bence portré


The elder one of the Víg brothers and founding ninjas member of Dzsindzsa Nindzsa,  he is a forestry technician, a nature conservation engineer and an expert in arboriculture and urban forestry. He is a master of the saw as if he had been born to use it. You can  find him high up in the canopy of trees. He is about to become an expert in arboriculture and urban forestry.

Víg Bálint portré


The younger of the Víg brothers and founder of the company too. He is an IT engineer who prefers climbing like the devil high up dangerous trees with a chainsaw in his hand to sitting in front of the computer. Obviously mainly found up on trees. Having mastered all relevant practical training, he is now a certified arborist.

Jancsó Márton portré


A world traveller, who has recently joined the ninjas due to the pandemic. He is a nature conservation engineer and an expert in arboriculture and urban forestry. He is very good at sharing his ideas from the ground and is also trying to organise and overview things around the company. You can mainly find him on the other end of the phone, making field inspections and in meeting rooms.

Varga Csaba portré


A determined industrial climber, whose mission is to make urban buildings green and to create sustainable and healthy vertical gardens and garden systems. He coordinates, organises, overviews and innovates. He keeps hanging off somewhere too, of course. You can find him around high rise buildings and tower blocks.

Szilágyi Hajni Portré


Joining the ninjas, she now constitutes the female task force of the crew. An industrial climber of course. Besides she is a landscape architect who spent 12 years in urban development  and she occasionally works as a stuntwoman too. A great admirer of trees, and her weapon of choice to promote that is social media. She can usually be found in front of her computer creating Facebook posts, on field inspections and at the other end of the phone. She is about to become our newest expert in arboriculture and urban forestry.

Mészáros Márton portré

Másik Marci

A highly experienced industrial climber, who is currently honing his arborist skills with great results. He is a ninja who is able to solve anything and anywhere as long as it is high enough for him. Mainly found on high-rise blocks and tall trees - ALWAYS on a rope.

Baracska Attila portré


The reliable ninja who can cope with any kind of task, is able to operate and to repair any kind of machine and vehicle. Even the biggest piles of green waste don’t scare him off. Our biggest chainsaw suits him extremely well. He is currently taking part in practical training. He is mainly found in the vicinity of falling branches and trunks or right next to the wood chipper and recently in canopies too.

Barabás Máté portré


An industrial climber, he is also the plant health expert of our team. His plant protection plans and their implementation make even the worst kinds of pests and diseases surrender and give up. For the time being you can find him around high-rise blocks and around trees too assessing their health.